5 Fun Spring Activities During Quarantine

By Stella
Last updated: March 19, 2021
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5 Fun Spring Activities During Quarantine

5 Fun Spring Activities During Quarantine


It's been a year but the whole world has been still facing COVID-19 and somehow we all are now getting habitual of this new normal and making ourselves busy with our work, So as we already in the mid of March and the most beautiful season of the year is about to begin. Without a doubt every season has its own value and beauty but spring is considered the best and suitable season for most fun activities because of its ideal temperature, say goodbye to your heavy winter jackets, also in springtime you enjoy nature everywhere again like spring grows back all leaves on the tree, flower blooms, birds come back who chirps every morning, you get more sunny hours to spend more outside and play outdoor games and just the right time for planting and gardening.


This spring will not be the same as it used to be in our earlier lives because of COVID-19 situation but we still can make our spring enjoyable by making ourselves busy with many fun and healthy activities while staying home and maintaining social distance outside. We have shared some quarantine approachable activities to make your springtime better this year.



Enjoy Cherry Blossom Season

End of March and the start of April is the season of cherry blossoms when people are entertained by the beautiful pale pink and white colored flowers. These beautiful flowers come for a very short time but when they fully bloom they give breathtaking views with amazing pictures. Many festivals and events are held in parks especially in the cherry blossom season but due to COVID-19 many festivals and events have been canceled, postponed, or changed with limited person restriction. But, still, you can see these free fabulous cherry blossom trees in many streets throughout the city while driving with family.


Plant Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers or Herbs

Gardening is fun and springtime is perfect for that well whether you have been doing this or you are just fresh in it you know that at the end it's going to reward you in the form of beautiful colorful flowers, vegetables and fruits, isn’t it so exciting and fun to plant your own vegetables, different kinds of flowers, herbs and more without using any chemical and watching them grow daily. It helps to boost your mood lighter and makes you mentally and physically healthy as well.


Ride A Bike

Biking is a fun activity for sure but it has so many health benefits too and a perfect way to explore your surrounding areas in ideal weather while enjoying beautiful spring trees. Check out your area bike trails and go for it with your partner, friends, kids and have fun with them. Don't forget to think about your safety before going biking please wear a helmet.


Fly A Kite

Sounds fun! Well yes it’s full of joy but do you know? It's not only for passing time and for entertainment purposes but it's helpful for wellbeing. It is useful to improve eye strength and enhance eye vision, helps to lessen stress level, reduce fatigue of the eyes, and make the body physically active. Overall it’s a fitness package which is a considerable option for kids and adults.


Have a Picnic

Spring is just the right time because of its ideal weather, not too cold, not too warm so what could be better than a heavenly picnic outside, Plan a picnic with family or friends but due to COVID-19 this time you can't enjoy it with friends but family! So load some portable snacks in your picnic basket, grab your picnic blanket and go for it. Enjoy your spring sunny days.



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