Quarantine Activities for Kids

By Marley
Last updated: February 04, 2021
Quarantine Activities for Kids


As the coronavirus is still a thing to worry about, so many people are facing different challenges in their own space. Many people are struggling to find ways how to keep their child’s busy and entertained during the quarantine. The schools and institutes have transmitted their classes online. Parents now have been performing the additional responsibility of handling kids at home along with their education and physical mental activities.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine breaks everyone from regular life, maintaining a schedule for your family and mainly for your kids is very important. Today Cartdone.com gives you very favorable tips to keep your child active in quarantine. First of the thing, you should know that It might require a little more effort at first, but don't give up you will be able to maintain an everyday routine for your kids.


Things to Do With Kids during Quarantine and Social Distancing

Follow these steps to keep entertained and safe your kids in Quarantine.


  • Maintain an Active Morning Routine


Wake up early in the morning is most important activity for teenagers. Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. This was taught in primary school and is one of the most important lessons, relevant throughout our life. But the thing is after waking up early in the morning what our child’s supposed to do? Don’t worry cartdone.com makes this easy for you, read the points you should work on it.

  1. Waking up at the same time.
  2. First thing to do is drink a glass of water.
  3. Do some stretching exercises which are very good for growing kids.
  4. Eat a balanced healthy meal within 1 hour of waking up.
  5. Read any general knowledge book or newspaper for better IQ.
  6. Prepare yourself for your online classes.   



  • Morning Exercises and Activities


A good day starts with a good beginning. Try to get your kids wake up, dressed, and out for the morning exercises on time. You can watch YouTube videos to see the exercises for kids. If your kids are very choosy on pick out what to wear. Then let them choose also you should help them to buy the sportswear. This gesture will motivate them to do exercises.



  • Mindfulness Activities


Before we talk about mindfulness activities we want you to read some important benefits you will get from participating in with mindfulness practices.

  • Pay attention better
  • Reduced the distractible factor
  • Stay calm in worst situations
  • learn more easily
  • Slow down instead of rush
  • Focus on listen better to others
  • Increase the patience level
  • Feel happier and enjoy things more
  • It can improve the quality of your kid’s diverse lives in different ways.



  • Social Activities


Preparing social skills in kids helps them for a lifetime of healthier relationships in all particular of life. Maintaining good manners, sharing helpfully with others, being considerate of respecting the personal space of others and expressing manners are all important elements of well social skills. Good social skills also can help kids have a brighter future.



  • Establish a Learning Environment with Online Classes


Before the COVID times, when the kids have their classes in the standard classrooms, the teachers and school managements are providing the perfect learning environment for students that will help them focus on their studies. Now while most of the schools have shifted towards online classes, this responsibility of the teacher is now shared with the parents as well. As the kids are at home attending online classes on a regular basis, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that the kids will get the perfect learning environment at home. Parents play a very different role depending on the type of online classroom. So it’s important to know what the different programs require of you. Here are the some tips to establish a learning environment at home.

  1. Make sure that the room you choose is conductive and comfortable to learning.
  2. Make a revision routine before taking online class
  3. Give them confidence to speak up if something is unclear
  4. Ask quick question after their class done.



  • Add a Weekly Activity or Day out Activity


There is no other way rather than staying at home during quarantine. And you keep yourself active and productive.  You can do a lot in the current situation to make memorable time with your family. Create positive memories for your children to talk about in the future. For example, do weekly theme nights, create a family gratitude tree, or let your children camp out in the living room. Focus on bondings, relationships, gratitude and having fun. Read the following points below.

  1. Plan family activities in which all members can take part actively.
  2. Make a day out plan on a beach where you will get fewer chances to interact with other people.
  3. Enjoy indoor family activities for cold and rainy days. Make kids favorite pie crusts, pizza, noodles and yummy chocolate cookies. Get engross them in baking and enjoy their company with accomplishment or your cooking task.
  4. For a unique family activity, look up magic tricks on YouTube and put on a show for little kids.
  5. Completing a puzzle becomes a manageable feat. Play a puzzle equation with your kid and help him to solve it.



  • Teach your Child Essential Life Skills


It is very important to teach your child about life skills and achievements. Life skills will help your child with development and success. A parent is the first teacher a child will have.  

  1. Discipline in life is most important lesson to teach children at their early age because it’s the time they get habitual of it.
  2. Build focus and self confidence.


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