7 Different Ways to Indoor Plants Decoration Ideas in Living Room

By Evelyn
Last updated: February 10, 2021
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7 Different Ways to Indoor Plants Decoration Ideas in Living Room

7 Different Ways to Indoor Plants Decoration Ideas in Living Room


Are you fed-up of boring colors and old looking living room? Your living space defines your taste of decor. This is the place where you spend a lot of time together with your family and guests.

There are any numbers of reasons to include a healthy dose of plant life in your living room of your home

If you have any areas of your home that are blank, then adding different layers of plants can turn it into an eccentric plant retreat. People love the indoor greenery with tiny pots on the floor, large potted plants, long hanging plants, and a shelf. So gorgeous!

When it comes to decorating with plants you will have numerous ideas to decorate your home with green fresh plants.

Beside a delicate look indoor plants helps us to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants — making for a healthier, happier you.


Floor Plants  

Floor plants anyway like thing to decorate in different spots at your home. When deciding where to place a floor plant in your space makes sure there is proper lighting the space. These plants are a great alternative, and are a lot easier on your wallet as well.  


Wall Hanging Plants

One of the most desirable features of hanging planters is the fact that you can choose a pot of any shape, not just flat-bottomed. Use just a few small planters and or single hanging planter to create a gorgeous effect. Place small planters to keep an elegant look, fresh herbs in your kitchen that will not only beautify the space; they’ll add a new dash of freshness to your cooking as well.


Place Customize Small Pots

Different sizes pots are easily available in the markets. You can choose beautiful pots like ceramic pots, designer pots or you can customize existing pots by painting them. It’s a brilliant way to bring personal touch in decorating plants and conversely.


Pots on Wooden Board

Decorate small pots with beautiful plants for your living room wooden board or shelf. This could be your book shelf where the greenery and freshness of plants double the beauty and make you feel relaxed. 


Table Top Plants

Add crafty pots along with elegant plants on your side table under the light shaded light of lamp will look stunning. 


Decorate Collection of Plants

Pick a collection of indoor plants and place it at any corner you want.  A corner is full of delight collection of greenery is a beautiful sight to see.


DIY Creativity with beautiful Plants Baskets

Involve yourself in DIY crafts for your favorite plants. Painting a plant pot, Make decorative pieces and arranging a flower bouquet are just a few examples of how to make generic indoor plants your own. You might be not good at art but you will enjoy and learn doing it.


How to Take Care of the Indoor Plants?

People have the misconception that plants require too much time and maintenance.. However, the indoor plants require less care in comparison to the outdoor ones. Still, they need proper care to blossoming and grow for a long time. Here are some tips to take care of the indoor plants:

  • Do not overwater the plants.

  • Use peat-free compost for indoor plants.

  • Keep the variegated plants near the windows.

  • Try not to move the plants as they are less friendly to new surroundings.

  • Prune your plants on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming leggy.



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