How to Choose Lighting to Make Our Home Glow

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Last updated: December 31, 2021
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How to Choose Lighting to Make Our Home Glow

Lighting is an influential part of any house. It serves a vital role—it brightens a room. Even it can also set a mood or tone.

While many new homebuyers look at lighting as an afterthought, designers shed new light on its importance.

In today’s homes, lighting is a preeminent design part.  There are many advantages of getting the lighting right in place.

A giant chandelier in a front entranceway can say a lot to visitors as they enter your place, or simple pendant light can do the same. Whether you want to project classiness, create a casual texture, or add a bit of sparkle, you’ll want to have your home glow.

We all know that lighting has an important role in making us feel a certain way in certain rooms or environments. It contributes to the ambiance and functionality of any space. Given the correct lighting, one can feel motivated, and hence, productivity is enhanced while one can also feel relaxed and comforted after a long day’s work. If so much rests on lights then you must know how to choose the proper lighting for your home, Here’s how.


Types of lighting

Finding the proper lighting for our home may seem an easy task. Chandelier goes here. Lamps go there, then you head to the nearest store to grab a few different types of lights because what if some are a little cool? Or some are too warm? Or some are  too bright? Does it make a difference? So How many and many of the differences will it make?

Well, as it turns out, it makes a big difference because perfect lighting is everything and can make a place from lackluster to delighted or lively with the flip of just a button.

There are mainly three types of lighting and these are:



  • Ambient Lighting

This is generally the primary source of light in any room. It is there not for style but to simply light the room when you enter it. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot be stylish and elegant. Ambient lighting includes anything from overhead fixtures to recessed lighting. Usually, it is the contractor that decides the amount of ambient light your room will have. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to have brighter ambient lighting than the other rooms.

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  • Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting provides light for a specific task like reading a book, writing, or doing makeup in front of the mirror. These are limited to brightening only a part of the room and come in different shapes and sizes. You can mount them on walls, fix them to mirrors, swivel, or even rotate them.

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  • Accent Lighting

This is the type of lighting that is meant for decorating the room or adding to the aesthetics of the room. They tend to focus on particular objects in the house, like a painting or a bookshelf to make it stand out. These tend to be luxurious lights in most cases.

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Lighting Categories


Along with knowledge of the different types of lighting, you also need to know about lighting categories, these are:


  • Sconces - You can either directly hardwire these into the wall or leave a cord hanging from the wall where the sconces can be put later on. They are sold in pairs and fixed on either side of a mirror or a fireplace. Swing-arm sconces offer accent lighting that focuses on particular objects like paintings or bookshelves.


  • Pendants - Pendant lights tend to hang low from the wall with the help of a cord or a wire. These primarily act as task lights hanging from a mirror to help with makeup or hanging above a dining room table.


  • Flush Mounts and Semi- flush mounts are mounted on the ceilings without taking up space on walls. This helps to not only lighten up a room but also saves a lot of wall space.


  • Chandeliers - These are large lighting systems that serve the main purpose of decorating your living room. They give off more than one light source at a time.


  • Lamps - Lamps are the most common task lights as almost everybody uses them to study, read, or write. You can either go for a floor lamp or a table lamp as per your requirements.


Different Lighting Needs of Each Room


If your house has an entryway, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom then you need to know the lighting needs of each of these to decide what lighting to purchase.




The entryway is the part of the house that your main door directly opens into, and hence, it is the part your guests will see first. You need to ensure the lighting is friendly and inviting in the entryway. If the space has a tall ceiling, you can mount a chandelier. Avoid fixing tasks or accent lights in this area.


2.Living Room


Living or drawing rooms are meant for entertainment and relaxation, and your lights should say the same. You must incorporate different types of lighting here, such as bright lights and lamps for reading o